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Dear Constituents,

As we enter the Holiday/Christmas season, I want to wish you the best no matter what holidays you celebrate. It’s been a tough year for everyone so Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, may your family have a safe, healthy and happy celebration.

Ottawa has been a busy place this past month. Conservatives continue to press the investigation on the WE Charity scandal forward. We are also pressing the Trudeau government on its COVID-19 response. They have dropped the ball on rapid testing, and particularly on acquiring potential vaccines for Canadians.

Unfortunately, Canada will be far behind other countries in rolling out the vaccine to citizens. We have been asking for a plan from Justin Trudeau on how to accelerate getting vaccine to Canadians but the government refuses to answer our questions. It has been reported that one third of the planet will see vaccines before Canadians.

That’s the sad reality of how seriously Justin Trudeau approaches the health of Canadians. He’s asking you to trust him but he will not answer the most basic of questions that we have for his government. He is willing to spend your hard-earned dollars with no plan, remember just a few months ago, he wanted a blank cheque until Conservatives said No.

Even in the Liberal’s Economic Statement, this week, the government talked about their plan but still didn’t produce one. The Finance Minister is forecasting their annual deficit as being close to $400 Million with Canada’s total debt going over $1 Trillion. Meanwhile, they are using the cover of COVID to start planning to artificially ‘reset’ our economy. For Albertans  desperate to see a revitalization of our resource sector, this is bad news. The Liberals are already standing in the way of our economic growth, now they’re going to put up even more roadblocks to our success.

On a happier note, I am hosting a Christmas toy drive in my office with all proceeds going to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Please drop off any toys at my office (#225, 5252 – 28 St SE) or email me if you would like someone to pick up.

In your service,

Jasraj Singh Hallan
Member of Parliament
Calgary Forest Lawn


Support Local Business and Charities

So many small business owners are struggling right now. Please consider supporting local small businesses for your Christmas shopping.

My staff and I are doing our part to both promote and help our local businesses, I hope you’ll join us.


Letters to Santa

Kids can write to Santa (before December 10th, 2020) and he’ll write back. More than 1.5 million letters are received annually.

It’s a Canadian tradition made possible through the volunteer work of 9,000 current and former Canada Post employees.

Responses have been sent in over 30 languages and have even included braille responses.

Santa Claus

North Pole

Canada  H0H 0H0


Feature: Local Charity

Last month, we featured Forest Lawn-based Hope Mission as they were preparing to serve Christmas meals for families. Unfortunately, the most recent COVID precautions issued by Alberta Health Services have seen their meals cancelled. My team is still planning to volunteer to now wrap gifts instead of serving food but I hope you’ll consider Hope Mission for your holiday giving.

Contact Kelly at to volunteer or for more information.

Thanks for your work Kelly and team.



It is important that any pipelines be build in consultation with Canada’s Indigenous communities.  Most First Nations support the responsible and environmentally-friendly shipment of our natural resources via pipelines and want to invest in these projects. Canadian indigenous group Natural Law Energy has recently announced it will invest up to $1 billion in the Keystone XL oil pipeline project. While some Indigenous groups have opposed pipeline projects in Canada and the United States, other First Nations have invested significantly in the industry.  The Keystone XL pipeline is expected to enter service in 2023 and generate significant revenue for these communities.


Volunteer Recognition, Special Events & Celebrations

Have a special volunteer that you want to recognize? Maybe a special event or big birthday/anniversary coming up for a family member? Call or email my office and we will arrange for a certificate and letter to be delivered.

To the left is Sikander who has just opened his new restaurant on International Ave called 80 Ate Fusion House. Congratulations Sikander and good luck!


Monthly Poll Question

When a COVID-19 vaccine is approved, will you get it as soon as it is available? (Yes/No/Unsure)


The results from this poll will be published in the next issue of the newsletter.


Provincial & Municipal Contacts

If you require assistance from your MLA, you can look up who represents you and their contact information here. For questions about provincial government programs and services, click here.

For assistance from your City Councillor, you can find your representative here. For general inquiries about City of Calgary services and requests for assistance, please call 311. If you’re not sure about who to talk to, don’t hesitate to give us a call.



There have been some changes to the COVID benefits that are  available for Canadians.

• The Canada Recovery Benefit is available for Canadians who aren’t eligible for EI and have lost work due to COVID-19.

• The Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit provides support for Canadians who need to take time off work because of they’re ill or needing to self-isolate.

• The Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit supports Canadians unable to work because they’re caring for their child or dependents.

We Conservatives voted in favour of these new temporary measures and will continue to support programs that help Canadians in need.  The special COVID-19 Benefits Finder tool allows you to determine what benefits you may be entitled to by answering a few easy questions.


Canada Job Bank

If you need help getting back to work, try accessing the jobs being listed on the government website, visit to see the latest opportunities.  Hundreds of jobs are listed that are in our community and they offer Canadians with a wide variety of work experiences. The Canada Summer Job Bank listings are also put up here.


From the Mailbox

Here is a list of issues that I have heard about from constituents over the last month: gun control, COVID-19 (government programs and support, economic recovery, mitigation), energy, trade, cosmetics, public transit, housing, foreign affairs, internet, plastic waste, coal, firearms, judiciary, Indigenous issues, law enforcement, medication, healthcare, wildlife, fuel regulation, climate change, Palestine, pawn shops, euthanasia, environment, homelessness, long-term care, taxation, immigration, and aircraft noise.


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