December Community News

House to House E-Newsletter

Finally, the House of Commons is back in session. The Liberals have appointed a new Cabinet and then delivered their Throne Speech last week to start the new legislative session.

It was very disappointing to see the Trudeau government fully entrench their anti-natural resource development, anti-economic development policies into the government with the appointment of Stephen Guilbeault as Minister of the Environment and Jonathon Wilkinson as Minister of Natural Resources.

Minister Guilbeault is a Greenpeace activist who has been known to scale the CN Tower to hang anti-oil banners and also put solar panels on Premier Ralph Klein’s house putting a serious scare into Colleen Klein. Minister Wilkinson has been pushing ‘green’ technologies for a long-time. Neither of these appointments are good for those looking for investment and jobs in Alberta.

On a personal note, I was re-appointed as the Shadow Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. I will work to hold the Minister of IRCC to account as well as work on issues that affect Calgary Forest Lawn, which you have very clearly told me is primarily getting people back to work.

In your service,

Jasraj Singh Hallan
Member of Parliament
Calgary Forest Lawn

Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who came by the constituency office to donate to the Veteran’s Association Food Bank. We dropped off all of your food and other donations on Saturday. I am glad we could help out such a worthy organization as we head into Christmas. Thanks also to the amazing volunteers that help out year round at the VAFB.

Can You Help?
As you know, British Columbia has experienced extreme flooding which comes soon after a devastating wildfire season. This has put an exceptional strain on charities that help in such situations. Anyone looking to help can make a financial donation to the British Columbia Floods and Extreme Weather Appeal online at, or by calling 1-800-418-1111. If you can help our neighbours, I know it would be appreciated. All donations will be matched by both the federal and British Columbia governments.

From the Mailbox
Here is a list of issues that I have heard about from constituents over the last month (in no particular order):

Immigration backlogs, reconciliation, failure to assist small business, delays in programs to hard hit industry workers, climate change, vaccine requirements, CRB extension, universal basic income, medical assistance in dying, pipelines, Middle-East peace, tax evasion, criminal deportations, Indigenous court cases, clean water on reserves, charitable status, ocean health, Afghanistan interpreters, abortion, climate change, cell phone rates, Arctic sovereignty, US trade, electric vehicle policies, nuclear power, passports, vaping rules, roadside tests, shipping waste, geothermal energy, conversion therapy, Liberal-NDP coalition, rising costs and seniors pensions, animal cruelty, political discourse, housing, childcare, organ donation, party leadership, firearms laws, equalization and inflation.

Send a Card to a Canadian Forces Member
Serving our country overseas can be much tougher at this time of the year. Those who wish to send a card to a member of the Canadian Armed Forces serving abroad this Christmas can do so by sending a card addressed to:

Any Canadian Forces Member

PO Box 5140 Station Forces

Belleville ON K8N 5W6

Letters to Santa
Kids can write to Santa (before December 10th, 2020) and he’ll write back. It’s a Canadian tradition made possible through the volunteer work of 9,000 current and former Canada Post employees and more than 1.5 million letters are received annually.

Responses have been sent in over 30 languages and have even included braille responses.

While a stamp is not required, it is appreciated.

Santa Claus

North Pole

Canada H0H 0H0

(Don’t forget to include a return address.)

The Benefits Finder tool allows you to determine what benefits you may be entitled to by answering a few easy questions. After completing the quick multiple-choice questions, your possible benefits are short-listed and additional information is provided. Many federal-provincial programs are also incorporated into the search results. Link here.

Canada Job Bank
If you need help getting back to work, try accessing the jobs being listed on the government website, visit to see the latest opportunities. Hundreds of jobs are listed that are in our community and they offer Canadians with a wide variety of work experiences. The Canada Summer Job Bank listings are also put up here.

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