Bill C-304

Recently I had the opportunity to table my private members Bill C-304, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (grooming). This bill would make the act of grooming children for heinous reasons an aggravating factor when sentencing predators convicted of sexual offenses against our youth. By targeting those who would despicably target children, we are giving the courts a tool to crack down on behavior used by predators who abuse children. This common-sense approach protects Canada’s youth, punishes disgusting criminal practices, and is an important step towards making our communities safer.

MP Hallan introduces bill to strengthen laws punishing child sexual predators

May 28, 2021

Ottawa, ON – Today, Jasraj Singh Hallan, Conservative MP for Calgary Forest Lawn, released the following statement on the introduction of Bill C-304 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (grooming). This bill would make grooming behaviour an aggravating factor that the courts would consider when sentencing individuals convicted of sexual offences against young persons:

“By targeting grooming, we are giving courts a tool to go crackdown on a strategy that is often used by predators. With everything moved online, children are especially vulnerable to grooming from predators. We need to make sure that our laws are sternly punishing criminals who abuse children by taking advantage of a friendship or bond.

“Only Canada’s Conservatives are putting forward a common-sense approach that ensures the courts will take into account such disgusting acts when determining the appropriate punishment for child predators.

“I think Canadians will agree that we should do all we can to punish predators and protect children. This bill is a simple and important step towards making our communities safer.”

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