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Dear reader,

Welcome to Spring. Well, spring in Calgary which, as we all know, can be nice one day and snowy the next. At least there are those few days that give us hope that we can enjoy the outdoors with fewer layers.

March was an incredibly busy month as I have been taking a great many more meetings with those who are interested in immigration to Canada – Embassies, immigration consultants, charities and groups looking to help refugees and others in need as well as families. It has been quite the learning experience as well, sometimes very emotional as the heartbreaking stories of separated families are shared with me. The federal government is not only slow in processing immigration requests, they have stopped responding to people that are desperate. Many have all of their approvals in place and family/jobs waiting for them, and still no response.

My staff and I are taking in all this information and working to make recommendations for the federal government to clear the backlog and reunite families who have been separated throughout the COVID pandemic.

My office has also heard from many people who having major problems with the Canada Revenue Agency – some minor delays but also very serious situations such as major delays in CRB benefits. We are doing our best to help as many people as we can but there continue to be significant delays. We are finding that there are many people who have been unemployed by COVID are now facing eviction while waiting to hear from Revenue Canada.

If you need help wading through the federal government programs, please give my office a call, we will do our best to assist.

In your service,

Jasraj Singh Hallan

Member of Parliament

Calgary Forest Lawn


 Setting Priorities

Canadians need a plan for hope. They need to know that things are going to get better and that the ‘new normal’ is not okay.  Lockdowns and restrictions were put in place to buy governments time to get permanent solutions like vaccines, rapid testing, and variant testing capacity. These tools now exist.

By now, Canadians should know when things are going to get better and what metrics we are using to determine a plan for re-opening. That’s why Conservatives are calling on the Government to provide a clear, data-driven plan to reopen.  These are our priorities and our plan will:

  • Secure jobs by recovering the one million jobs lost during the pandemic within one year.
  • Secure accountability by enacting a new Anti-Corruption law to clean up the mess in Ottawa.
  • Secure mental health through our Canada Mental Health Action Plan.
  • Secure our country by creating a strategic stockpile of essential products and building the capacity to manufacture vaccines at home.
  • Secure Canada’s economy by balancing the budget over the next decade.

I look forward to sharing more information as we release more specific details.


The Long Wait is over soon!!

After setting the all-time record for a government without a federal Budget, and doubling the federal debt, the Liberal government will finally table a Budget on April 19th – their first since March 2019.  I will be looking for a detailed pandemic recovery plan that supports all Albertans.

Canadians deserve to know where and how their money is being spent.


From the Mailbox

Here is a list of issues that I have heard about from constituents over the last month:

Medical assistance in dying, taxation, pharmacare, TransMountain Express, universal basic income, delays in immigration processing, student loans, vaccines, gun regulations, coal mining, vaping regulations, Phoenix system, IT security, environmental policy, racism, travel exemptions, tourism support, broadband access, long-term care homes, Airsoft sports, survey results, tax evasion, obesity policies, net-zero emission targets, privacy, conversion therapy, nuclear energy, wildlife trade, religious freedom, dyslexia support, literacy funding, community development policies, vaccine passports, gender issues, the Monarchy, climate change, federal debt, carbon tax, airline security, Rogers/Shaw deal, aviation sector support and MP salaries.


April Fool’s but its no Joke!

On April 1st, the Liberal Carbon Tax increased again by 33% to $40 per tonne.  This will add another 8.8 cents per litre according to the Canada Revenue Agency.  The Carbon Tax, until it is cancelled by the Conservatives, is set to increase to $170 per tonne or 39.6 cents per litre by 2030.


More April Fools

When so many restaurants and bars are struggling to survive, this tax increase could not come at a worse time.  On April 1st, the Liberal Alcohol Tax will increase again.  This increase is not voted on annually in Parliament and now happens automatically every year.

Traditionally, tax increases are presented in a Budget and voted on in Parliament, but a few years ago the Liberal government used its majority to pass a law that automatically increases the alcohol tax every year on April 1st – no joke!


Provincial & Municipal Contacts

If you require assistance from your MLA, you can look up who represents you and their contact information here. For questions about provincial government programs and services, click here.

For assistance from your City Councillor, you can find your representative here. For general inquiries about City of Calgary services and requests for assistance, please call 311. If you’re not sure about who to talk to, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Tax Time!

We’re not all Ned Flanders so April is tax season. Here is a link to this year’s Canadian Federal Income Tax and Benefit Guide – 2020.

If you need assistance there are charities that assist seniors and low-income earners with tax filing. There are also free tax software packages online.

The Kerby Centre assists seniors while the Sunrise Community Link is a Calgary Forest Lawn -based charity that assists in a lot of areas but will also help with filing your tax return.



There have been some changes to the COVID benefits that are  available for Canadians.

• The Canada Recovery Benefit is available for Canadians who aren’t eligible for EI and have lost work due to COVID-19.

• The Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit provides support for Canadians who need to take time off work because of they’re ill or needing to self-isolate.

• The Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit supports Canadians unable to work because they’re caring for their child or dependents.

• The HASCAP benefit opens for applications on February 1 for sectoral assistance to some businesses.

Conservatives voted in favour of these new temporary measures and will continue to support programs that help Canadians in need.  The special COVID-19 Benefits Finder tool allows you to determine what benefits you may be entitled to by answering a few easy questions.


Canada Job Bank

If you need help getting back to work, try accessing the jobs being listed on the government website, visit www.jobbank.gc.ca to see the latest opportunities.  Hundreds of jobs are listed that are in our community and they offer Canadians with a wide variety of work experiences. The Canada Summer Job Bank listings are also put up here.


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